Born near LeClaire in Scott County, Iowa, in 1846, Buffalo Bill Cody rode on the Pony Express at the age of 14, fought in the American Civil War, served as a scout for the Army, and was already an Old West legend before mounting his famous Wild West show, which traveled the United States and Europe.

Cody later served in the American Civil War, and in 1867 he began buffalo hunting (to feed constructions crews building railroads), which would give him the nickname that would define him forever. His own assessment puts the number of buffalo he killed at 4,280, in just over a year and a half.


Owner, Gary Martinson, originally from North Dakota holds the largest Wild bill and bison memorabilia in all of White Mountains. He has brought his collection to his tavern & grill in order to share his love for Bill himself. You’ll find photos of the wild west, bison on the walls, and his personal collection of Marilyn Monroe wine bottles throughout the entire restaurant. Garys son Scott, owner of Cambric Homes, personally built the restaurant from ground up and has created a paradise of the North all in itself. Come on in and see all this place has to offer and the beauty that surrounds! Say hi to Gary as you see him yourself!